Thursday, January 1, 2009

Update New Electronics

I figured I would post since we have not posted in a while.

Current status: I have been working on changing out our electronics to the new electronics and which means also testing the new Sanguino motherboard.
the only issue is my stepper boards are not fully working I am not getting my steppers to move they are just vibrating back and forth. I have checked the wiring and it is correct I did notice I am not getting the "status LEDs" for the stepper to both show orange. So I am to next look at why this is happening.

What we have been doing over the last year:
in June we met up with a bunch of people who are interested in Reprap at Olin Collage. we showed the printer even though we ran into some trouble with the Pic firmware.

After this we decided to work on the new electronic boards for the machine. I also have been wanting to be able to run the printer with out a computer connected so I started to work on a LCD board with button interface with help from Zach Smith we made a cool board that communicates with I2C bus so we only use 2 pins to communicate with the Sanguino.

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