Thursday, January 1, 2009

Stuff to do in the new year..

here are some things I would like to get done in the new year. Hopefully it will get done since I might have the time. ( I am loosing my job as of the end of May, I will keep you posted. )

here is the list pictures will follow.

To build a stand alone printer / box this to have the following things.

1. Electronics that will operate with out a computer attached along with a interface to select files that are loaded on a cf card and status of the machine maybe also status sent out for a 2nd interface so you can know the state of the printer remotly.

2. a heated chamber for the printer so it will help in printing to be kept at around 100 Deg. F.

3. a filter system for the air because printing with ABS is not the best smell my family thinks.

4. a place to hold the filament and also a way to feed the printer and a way to know if the printer is out of filament.

Also my 2nd thing I would like to get done this year

to print 2 sets of parts one to give away and the 2nd to replace my machine. which will become the stand alone machine.

I would also like to give some clases at the AS220 on how to build Reprap printers.

I hope all have a great NEW YEAR!! and I hope to see REPRAP grow a bunch more in 2009

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