Saturday, November 3, 2007

What the machine looks like

Ok here is a picture of the whole machine

Here is the extruder which is the part that extrudes out the HDPE

This is the Z axis this moves the table that the extruder places HDPE on.

Here is the Circuit board that controls the Z axis

this is one of the 8 corner blocks on the machine they are made out of oak and are drilled and then tapped fro the set screws that hold the 5/16 steel rods so they do not slide.

here is one of the corner screws I used the pulleys are commercial made and are plastic with an aluminum hub the block is there to add tension on the belt.

this is the table support I am using furniture nuts that are threading on the threaded rods which are 5/16 inch also.

this is the X axis bearing holder there are 2 rods that are parallel to each other one is connected to the x axis motor and the other idles .
here is the X axis stepper motor it is a 200 step motor

here is the x / y axis end support the y axis belt goes through it and it travles on the x axis plane

here is the Y axis motor and holder a lot of the parts are made from MDF and we had to make them a few times to get them to work
here is a close up of the x axis motor and coupling this coupling is commercial made and because the shaft of the motor and the 5/16 rod are different sizes this was a pain to line up here is also a shot of the motor mount which I made from aluminum angle.

this is the Y axis extruder mount, extruder and extruder circuit board
and here are some pictures of the extruder

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