Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Extruder

my extruder is made from wood (popular)
I used my scroll saw and whittling skills to make the clamps the hardest part and prob. the first part I am going to print is going to be the coupling between the motor and drive screw. This part is made from CAPA and was not to easy to mold. the bearings in the clamps have broken down and I am getting small parts of brass in the plastic as I extrude it seems to have caused a little blockage in the extruder tip but not so bad I have not had to remove the tip to clean it. As for the c clamp this is required in order to extrude HDPE. I have had a hard time getting the stock thermistor to reach more then 170 Deg. C. I have ordered a new 100K thermistor and will post how it works. When the machine goes to warm up will start extruding at 170 and to get that I set my temp to 280 Deg. C. it might be my settings from the profiler but I am going to try it with new thermistor and see first..

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